December would like to welcome you to The Arty Farty Party 2023.

This is the second ever Arty Farty Party Workshop (Thanks, Covid). The first was on the 9th of Jan, 2021. The lovely Beck from A Painters Dreams in Brisbane facilitated both the '21 and '23 workshops. You can find her here on Facebook too.

December, Amanda and Kelly started The Arty Farty Party Discord Server on the 14th of May 2020. Discord allows the group to post art and their arty progress. It allows members to ask for help and advice. It also allows the group to meet once a week, fortnight or month to do online tutorials together in various art mediums, enabling an Arty Farty Party every week if required.

If you would like to join our discord, you are welcome to introduce yourself to all the members and post photos of the art you created today. Feel free to suggest different activities you would like us to participate in or arrange your own activity. We are pretty chill, and usually, you can find someone who wants to do art there.

Click here to join The Arty Farty Party server here:

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